Useful Information

By Plane

During the summer season there are numerous chartered flights to Iraklion from all over Europe (mainly Germany, the United Kingdom , and Holland). During the summer months there is a huge increase in air traffic that peaks in August (approximately 130 flights per day). You should try to book your ticket early for lower prices.

By Boat
The cheapest way to arrive in Iraklion if you're already in Greece is boat. There are two main companies that connect Iraklion to mainland Greece, Minoan Lines and ANEK. During the winter months there are two daily trips from Athens to Iraklion. The trip takes approximately 8 hours. The ships depart Athens in the evening (9 p.m.) and arrive in Iraklion at 06.00 a.m. During the summer season both companies operate also an extra daily trip that departs in the morning from Athens and arrives at Iraklion port in the afternoon. The fare starts from 40 euro for deck seats.

From Iraklion to Gouves

There are several ways coming to Gouves. If you rent a car from Iraklion Airport the price is approximately 20 euros/day. If you take a taxi from the airport or the port, the fee is about 20 to 30 euros because they charge 2,5 euro for these points of departure and also 2,5 for every baggage. We don' t suggest taking the taxi either from airport or port, the charge is higher than everywhere else.

If you prefer to take the bus which is near from port (approximately 800 m) the ticket cost is 2 euros and in 30 minutes you' ll be in Gouves. You can either walk or take the taxi from port to the bus station if you have a lot of luggage. The bus departures are very often and we suggest this as the most convenient way.